Bobby Watt

Bobby Watt is enjoying being home again after recovering from a ruptured patella tendon and COVID-19

Retired life was good for Bobby Watt. The former fireman enjoyed basketball, drag racing, and traveling. On a February trip to visit family and friends, Bobby ruptured his patella tendon.

Bobby returned to South Carolina and underwent surgery to repair the injury. During his recovery, he complained of shortness of breath and required oxygen. To wean from the oxygen, Bobby admitted to a long-term acute care hospital, where he spent 17 days. Due to the extended hospitalization, Bobby needed intense physical and occupational therapy. He transferred to Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute to further his recovery.

During Bobby’s stay, his shortness of breath returned. Accompanied by a low-grade fever and loss of taste and smell, he was tested for COVID-19.

The test came back positive.

Over the next couple of weeks, the staff at SRI rallied around Bobby. They inspired him to concentrate on healing and encouraged him to remain positive. During the day, he focused on a wooden cross that was placed outside his window. “The cross signifies my Lord and Savior, who was with me every step of the way,” Bobby stated.

Many of the staff stood out to Bobby for their exceptional care during this troubling time. “Stanley, Mike, Donna, Monique, Kaylan, Leah, Stacey, Josephina, Cathy, Felicia, Sally, Catherine, and so many others,” Bobby listed.

Of particular note was Mike, the chef at Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute. Chef Mike recognized that Bobby wasn’t eating well and asked what he could cook to help him. It didn’t matter if it was on the menu — Mike knew he needed his nutrition for healing. Bobby thought baked spaghetti and ribs sounded good. Chef Mike made both for Bobby that week.

Bobby shared another anecdote about Stanley, the Director of Nursing. He recalled how Stanley kept vigilant of his medical status and needs. Stanley would even bring him bottled water, because he couldn’t drink tap water.

“Overall, everyone went above and beyond my expectations,” Bobby added.

Bobby is currently home with family and doing well. He plans to continue healing and spending time with his family, including his grandchildren, and his best friend, Ani.