Mark Roberts

With his rehab stay complete, Mark Roberts has resumed helping his wife care for the animals on their family farm.

Mark Roberts moved to South Carolina years ago to enjoy a warmer climate and carry out his career. Six months after retiring as a senior software engineer, he spent most of his time tending to his farm. Mark and his wife care for alpacas, goats, and a few pet dogs.

In the winter of 2017, on a day filled with sleet and snow, Mark fell when walking up an incline to feed the goats. He knew something was wrong and had his wife help him in a van to seek healthcare. Unfortunately, the physician’s office was closed due to the storm. The second stop was Mary Black emergency room. He was found to have a profound femur fracture. Mark had not heard about Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute yet and admitted to another facility after surgery. He was not satisfied with the services.

After two years, Mark’s physician stated he had a nonunion fracture. Mark needed more surgery. This time, his daughter-in-law recommended Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute. Mark underwent his second surgery, followed by inpatient rehab in September of 2019. He did well and returned home. Mark could perform most of his activities of daily living independently but used a walker for mobility at times.

In July, Mark began to feel pain in that left leg. He went back to the orthopedic surgeon. An x-ray revealed the surgical plate had broken and Mark would need all new hardware. All this over a knee replacement done eight years prior! He knew exactly where to go after surgery. For Mark, SRI was the only choice. He did well and spent only six days learning how to transfer, walk, bathe, and clothe himself before returning home.

Mark credited the nurses and therapists for being a big part of his healing. He is baffled by his therapist, Joe’s, enthusiasm and jokes! One thing Mark noticed on this admission was the fact that patients had to eat in their rooms. Typically, patients are together for three meals a day in the cafeteria. However, due to COVID-19 safety precautions, patients are currently eating in their rooms. Mark mentioned he missed sharing meals with other patients. “You meet friends, they cheer each other on when you see them in the gym,” he stated. Mark especially missed seeing Mrs. Lisa Jolley’s smile in the serving line. “But she did give me a big hug when I left to go home!”

It was a successful experience for Mark, who discharged home independently with his wife. He continues to take it slow but is doing well. Mark’s goal is to steadily heal and become more helpful to Brenda in caring for the animals and their grandchildren (when they visit).

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