David Hyslop

After nearly losing his life to COVID-19, David Hyslop came to SRI to regain his strength and independence.

David Hyslop worked full-time as a research engineer at Milliken and Company. He also helped his wife run their restaurant where they offer seafood and other items. When they aren’t working, David and his wife enjoy spending time with family and friends on their private sanctuary in the Upstate of South Carolina.

For Christmas, the Hyslops decided to go on vacation to Tennessee. During their stay, David developed a cough. They assumed it was typical bronchitis and didn’t seek healthcare for 11 days. After returning home, the cough continued so he went to urgent care right away. On New Year’s Day, David was diagnosed with COVID-19. Less than two weeks later, he was admitted to the ICU.

David’s treatment included Vapotherm, a high-velocity therapy that provides mask-free ventilatory support. Initially, doctors saw no improvement, and the family was faced with end-of-life decisions.

A few days later, David’s wife received a surprising call from his physician. He told her that David was sitting on the side of the bed, his color looked good, and that he was showing overall improvement. He was transferred to a regular room. Approximately five days after that, he was transferred to a long-term acute care hospital to continue managing his respiratory and cardiac conditions.

While receiving care at the LTACH, David developed a urinary tract infection and his blood began clotting. After taking the time to heal, he was medically stable enough to move into an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital. His wife had heard of Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute’s reputation and was elated to find a facility close enough for her to visit.

After arriving at Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute, David maintained his motivation. He was prepared to do whatever it took to strengthen his muscles so he could get back to normal. He continued with intensive therapy for 15 days before being discharged home.

David shared his appreciation for everyone in the hospital including nursing, therapy, dietary, housekeeping, and anyone else that helped him. “The food was great! It helped my energy to work in therapy. The therapists changed the routine and always keep it challenging and fun. All my interactions with the staff were positive!”

David made incredible functional gains and was close to independent at discharge. He continues to heal with the help of SRI’s comprehensive outpatient program. His goal is to build strength and endurance so he can do his yard work and get back into the restaurant. Most importantly, he wants to spend more quality time with his family, including his children and grandchildren.