Howard Lewis

Howard Lewis knew SRI was the best place for his recovery following a broken leg and hip

Howard Lewis loves spending time outside, whether hunting or keeping up with his yard. Howard, 89, also enjoys visiting with family and friends when possible. During one of those visits, though, Howard experienced an unfortunate incident when the family’s dog got too excited to see him. As a result, Howard tripped and fell on his left side, fracturing his leg and hip.

The injuries required surgery to heal and left him non-weight-bearing for several weeks. Howard’s orthopedic surgeon informed him that he’d require intense therapy. He reviewed the options for rehab, but Howard already knew where he wanted to recover: Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute (SRI).

Howard had been to SRI several times in the past to visit friends and family. Having experienced the atmosphere first-hand, Howard knew he’d receive the level of care and concern that would result in a successful rehab stay.

After a few days of therapy, Howard’s family voiced concerns about his return home following his inpatient stay at SRI. The hospital staff explained to the family about SRI’s Home Evaluation Program. The program is designed to make the transition back home as easy as possible by completing a home visit with a physical therapist to evaluate and address any safety concerns at the home. Howard and his family felt relieved knowing he’d return to a safe home environment upon discharge from SRI.

“I’ve been pleased with the level of care I’ve received at SRI,” Howard said. He acknowledges he still has work to do but is confident he will be able to walk on his left leg again soon. Following his inpatient stay at SRI, Howard plans to continue his therapy with home health.