Jerry Brickhouse

After an unexpected amputation of his left leg, Jerry Brickhouse came to SRI to learn how to live as an amputee.

“In June of this year, I went in for a bypass on my left leg that was planned…but it went badly turned into an amputation above the knee. I spent about three weeks total in the hospital. Then it was suggested I get inpatient rehab to learn how to function and get around. Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute was repeatedly mentioned as the best, so I really pushed to get in as soon as they could get me there. I had to get on with learning to live without a leg. From the moment I admitted, I knew that these people knew how to teach me to live as an amputee. And I was very eager to learn.

They did just that. From the PTs to the OTs, they got me up early each day and ran me through a series of exercises, drills, and routines designed to get me on track. They even traveled to my house with me to evaluate my living space and then trained me to function in my particular environment. This was a huge benefit for my wife, as she was concerned with how would she help me at home. I can’t tell you how valuable that was!

After two weeks I discharged and went home. About a month later I was fitted with my new prosthetic leg and had to learn how to walk on it. My only choice for outpatient therapy was SRI. I knew they would train me well, and I had complete confidence in the techs there. They did just that. I was there twice a week for about 10 weeks, and they taught me how to walk again! I’m getting stronger every day and will use the techniques they taught me for the rest of my life.

A very personal note is needed here. This amputation was totally unexpected, and it’s easy to fall into a dark hole over it. I’ve had my moments, believe me. But you can’t stay there, you have to climb out and get on with your life.

It’s a choice, but made much easier by the staff at SRI, especially Kayla, Monique, and Lidia, who literally would not let me slip too far, challenged me each session, and kept me on the path to healing and walking again.

All the staff at SRI are professional. But more important than that, they were dynamic, compassionate, and committed to teaching an old dog (aged 69) the new tricks he would need to start the new adventures ahead. I believe I ended up there because I was supposed to be there.”