Kenneth Hancock

While on duty, Officer Kenneth Hancock was shot in his left arm. He also suffered a stroke leaving him unable to walk.

Kenneth works as a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputy. While on duty one day, he suffered a gunshot wound to his left arm. While receiving treatment for the gunshot wound, Officer Hancock had a stroke that left him with severe weakness on his left side. His mobility was seriously affected as he couldn’t even walk.

Knowing that Officer Hancock had a long road to recovery ahead, the search began for the best facility for his continued care. His wife heard about Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute and the hospital’s great track record of results. Shortly after arriving at SRI, the Hancock family knew they made the right choice.

Officer Hancock started his therapy program unable to walk. The staff established goals with him for after therapy. He wanted to leave the wheelchair behind and walk out of the hospital on his own. With this goal in mind, the team and Officer Hancock got to work. Because of his hard work, he began to see results. “Those results only came after many hours of therapy from the most caring PT and OT. They pushed me when I needed to be pushed and listened when I needed an ear to listen,” he said.

Not only did Officer Hancock walk out of SRI on his discharge day, but he actually danced out! His condition improves daily, and he plans to continue his recovery in outpatient therapy at SRI three days a week. He’s excited to get stronger and stronger each day. From everyone here at SRI, we want to thank Officer Hancock for his service.