Melanie Harris

Melanie Harris is thankful for her time at SRI recovering from the effects of COVID-19

When she tested positive for COVID-19, Melanie Harris never expected what would follow. Her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day were all spent away from her home and in a hospital. Melanie spent three long months in the hospital before being transferred to Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute (SRI).

At first, Melanie worried she would not have the energy to participate in the therapy program at SRI. But she wanted to return home with her independence and knew that intensive therapy would be necessary to accomplish that goal.

After two weeks of therapy, Melanie continued to require increases to her supplemental oxygen to maintain adequate oxygen levels. As a result, consultations with a pulmonologist, as well as with palliative care, occurred in the next several days. Following these consults, Melanie entered the weekend feeling unsure.

“I was uncertain what the future held for me,” Melanie recalled. But she found comfort in a song a good friend sent to her, titled “In Jesus Name” by Katy Nicole.

“I knew friends and family were praying for my recovery.”

During follow-up appointments on Monday, Melanie’s doctors couldn’t believe the progress she had made since they last saw her, just two days prior. “My only explanation was the power of prayer. That it was God’s will,” she said.

Melanie continues to improve each day and understands she still has a long road to make a full recovery. She appreciates the staff and the support she has received and is very thankful for her time at Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute.